Personalized Videos with Email Marketing- Why make it part of your Marketing?

Email Video Customization

Email marketing remains a powerful way to market to potential customers. However, it’s often only as strong as the personalization that customers crave.

Why? Because access to information has grown to such an extent that you need a new way to grab their attention.

By creating a video experience that appeals to them, you foster a deeper connection, better engagement, and higher conversion rates. Here’s what you need to know about personalized videos with email marketing and why you should use it.


Higher Conversion Rates

Email is the number one preferred marketing method that companies use to reach their customers. However, evidence shows that a single email doesn’t necessarily bring the conversions that a video would. For this reason, companies have found that including personalized videos in a marketing email will drastically improve their conversion rates (280% greater returns!). This occurs for a number of reasons.

  • Videos allow customers to process information faster.
  • Videos establish a sense of trust
  • Videos provide a source of entertainment

The video alone will increase email opens as the word “video” in the effective email subject line acts as a trigger and stimulates interest.


Deeper Customer Connections

How do you make a sale? You deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. The ability to connect with customers isn’t something that every single marketer has the ability to achieve.

However, personalized videos have been one way that marketers have found that they’re able to facilitate a deeper connection with their clients. Here are a few tips…


  • Keep it short. Cut through the clutter of an email and let your customer know who you really are and what you’re really about.


  • Stay consistent. Being consistent with your content and mood can help your video to be authentic and real…rather than cheesy.


  • Make it personal. Relying on personal elements to add relevance to the viewer is one of the most effective parts of the video for the customer. Don’t forget to use these details to enhance the content and call to action.


Better Engagement with your Audience

Engagement is one of the most difficult elements of email marketing. You can send out email blasts until you’re blue in the face, but how many of your clients will open those emails?

Will they click the links? Will they read your content? Will they purchase your products or services? Most will not.

Why? Because the average individual interacts with up to 120 emails per day. So, you’re not only attempting to get noticed by your customers, but you’re also attempting to connect and engage with them in a way that will cause them to take action. This is what a personalized video does.

A personalized video is different than what your audience normally sees. It’s not an email they glance over before pressing delete. It’s specific to them and tailored to their interests.

Companies have found varying success rates (twice as much engagement, 10 times as much engagement, etc.), but either way, you’ll likely see a sharp improvement.


Final Thoughts

While emails aren’t going anywhere in the marketing space, personalized videos with email marketing are now highly useful as you look to deliver content. It dramatically increases email open rates as well as conversion rates as you create deeper customer connections and foster better engagement with your audience.

This pair is unstoppable, so be sure to try it out and see what your customers think!

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