Convince your Visitors to Buy Products or Sign Up with a Top-Notch Personalized Landing Pages

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An action driven personalized landing pages is one of the best ways to drive traffic, expand SEO, build your brand, and grow your sales. Landing pages can lead a customer to specific products, services, offers, and promotions. The biggest advantage of a landing page is that you can create a promotional or product specific landing so you can match the intent of your ad or email to the landing page.

Landing Page Forms

Custom Forms

The BlueDot Email Platform allows you to create as many custom forms as you need for your personalized landing pages. You can design your own forms quickly and easily. Once your form is designed, you can drop it on any landing page you want. The data captured by your forms can be emailed to one or multiple people, or exported as necessary. You can also use these forms on your own hosted landing pages. We can also provide custom integration with your CRM system.

Landing Page Forms

Personalized Landing Pages Builder

Landing Page Builder

Easy to use Landing Page Builder

The BlueDot Email platform was designed to make it easy for you to create as many landing pages as you need. You can use the landing pages with your email and video email campaigns. You can design your own forms to capture the data you need to grow your business. You can also have stand-alone landing pages for your marketing campaigns. The landing page builder gives you three ways to create custom landing pages:

Landing Page Templates


You have access to an extensive list of templates designed by marketing experts. You can choose the template that fits your needs and quickly customize or personalize it to your needs.

Upload Landing Page

Upload Landing Page

If you already have a designed landing page, you can upload it. The platform will help you import everything you need to host the landing page.

Build Your Own Landing Page

Build Your Own

You have access to a full build-your-own landing page. You can design your own page and create content that fits your specific needs.