Meaningful Relationship with your Audience Using Email Marketing

BlueDot Email is an all-in-one solution for your Email Marketing Needs

Email marketing is still one of the most highly effective digital marketing strategies. Intelligent email campaigns should be designed for all devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones with a meaningful call-to-action.

Comprehensive Email Marketing Platform

Comprehensive Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Platform Designed for Ease of Use

Email marketing is an excellent way to deliver your message to your audience, whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company. With the right email marketing message, you can increase visits to your website, build loyalty, and increase conversion.

Email Templates

An easy-to-use Design Tool helps you Create Emails Quickly

You can create as many email templates as you want. You can choose from existing email templates and customize them or upload one of your email templates. If you prefer to build your own emails, the tool gives you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently design a new email.

Email Templates
List Management

List Management for Emails

Upload and Manage Your Lists

You can upload one or many lists. Using one of the thirty customizable fields, you can upload personalized information with your list. The tool also helps you upload suppression and test lists so you can easily customize your campaigns. You can include and exclude emails from one of many different uploaded lists.

Personalized Landing Page for Marketing


Personalized Landing Page

If you want to drive your audience to a personalized landing page, BlueDot Email gives you the ability to create a custom landing page for your email campaign. This landing page can not only be personalized to each recipient, but you can capture lead data and get a better insight into your email campaign.

Campaign Management


Email Campaigns

Once you have your email and list set up just the way you want, you can send the emails immediately or schedule them to be sent later. BlueDot Email will do the rest. All the emails will be personalized and sent at a scheduled time. BlueDot Email will also create a personalized landing page as further support for this campaign

Email Campaign Reporting

Email Campaign

Smart and Actionable Insight from your Email Campaigns

BlueDot Email provides robust and actionable insight. The level of reporting is dependent on the license. You could see opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam, browser type, desktop and mobile, the amount spent on the page, video playtime, geodata, etc.