Truly connect with your audience using Personalized Video Emails

BlueDot Email delivers individualized video emails to your customers and prospects for better engagement.

When video marketing is done well, it produces more conversions than any other content. Videos are more engaging, more memorable, drive more traffic, and hold almost every other advantage over text alone.

Complete Video Platform

Everything you need from a video platform

Studies have found that emails containing video content usually get two to three times more click-thru rates. Videos not only help you standout, they create a one-to-one connection with your audience.

Video Customization

Quickly and easily customize your videos

You can create as many video templates as you like. Creating a customizable video template is simple.

  • 1. Upload the video
  • 2. Insert customizable text
    • a). Static text
    • b). Database fields for personalization
    • c). Images
      • i. Logos, maps, etc.

List Management for Emails

Upload and manage your list content

You can upload your customer list. Create up to thirty customizable fields for personalization. Upload one list or many to be included in a single campaign. You can also upload a suppression and test list for ease of use

Landing Page Templates

Personalized Landing Page for your specific campaign

The BlueDot Email platform gives you the capability to create as many landing page templates as you like.

You can not only include personalized videos in your landing pages, but also make the landing page itself personalized for your audience. BlueDot Email also give you the capability to include custom forms for capturing leads.


Create campaigns on the fly or schedule them

You can create and execute your video email for immediate release, or schedule your campaigns.

BlueDot Email will do the rest. Our system will generate unique videos, emails, and landing pages for your audience. BlueDot manages your spam suppression list automatically so you are in compliance.

Video Campaign Reporting

Find intelligent and actionable insight from your campaigns

BlueDot Video email campaigns capture rich amounts of data to give you improved and actionable insight.

Based on your reporting options, you could see opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam, browser type, desktop and mobile, amount spent on the page, video playtime, geo data, etc.